Hercules Fork

Nice Tracking performance.

Cap prevents dusts into bearing.

Smooth spinning by good bearing fitting and precise bearing bore.

The radius edges do not scratch your skin.

Composite Carbon is very good at stress distribution and gives fork elegant appearance.

The stiffness of aluminum alloy core with toughness of carbon fiber is best combination.

Forged titanium castor bolt is super strong in lighter weight, never oxidized.

Selection: Carbon version ; Metallic Aluminum version
Code Steering Bearing Bore Bearing Cap Castor's Axle Weight
FH10-XX 1/2 inch (R8) Yes Titanium Axle=8.0mm 90g
FH20-XX 12mm (6001) Yes Titanium Axle=8.0mm 90g
FH30-XX M16 /

Titanium Axle=8.0mm

* Customized Service